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French correspondences

We have just received a survey of French correspondences, compiled by Maria Courtade. It ranges from the middle ages down to the twentieth century, all items are briefly summarised, and there is an index of addressees. It is published by the Reserve centrale des bibliotheques de la Ville de Paris.


Codifiers in Wikipedia

Great news!

My colleague Anita Auer came across the entry for John Ash in the Wikipedia Encyclopedia, and …

They mention us!

If you look under references you will find a link to our LUCL (Leiden University Centre for Linguistics) website, and the description of our project.


Late Modern English Conference 3

The third edition of the Late Modern English Conference will be held in Leiden, in August 2007.

Organizing committee: Anita Auer, Ingrid Tieken-Boon van Ostade and Wim van der Wurff.