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Abbott’s prescriptivism

In his Shakespeare’s Grammar (2003), Jonathan Hope aims at providing an updated version of Abbott’s grammar of 1870. In my review of the book, which has finally appeared just now (English Studies 87/4, 499-501), I argue that the result was not very successful. But one thing that is of particular interest in the book is Hope’s comment that Abbott’s approach to Shakespeare’s language was prescriptivist. I think that an analysis of Abbott’s prescriptive comments would be of considerable analysis, and would merit a separate study. 

Forum on Prescriptivism

At the very successful colloqium Perspectives on Prescriptivism, which was held at Ragusa (Sicily) last week, organised by Massimo Sturiale and his team, I promised that we would open a Forum on Prescriptivism in the weblog for anyone interested in the topic. As of now, we would therefore invite people to post entries, comments and the like on this weblog, which will consequently develop into a place for continued discussion on the topic of the Ragusa colloquium.

One topic for discussion might be the one which was raised by Carol during the final meal, i.e. what the title of the next colloqium (Toronto 2009) might be. Any suggestions?