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Fokke & Sukke cartoon

All the members of the VICI project "The Codifiers and the English Language" would like to thank comic artist Jean-Marc van Tol for providing them with such a great cartoon for their weblog. Van Tol’s cartoon characters Fokke & Sukke state that "Given the books that are published these days, we would rather call ourselves ‘The Da-Vinci Codifiers’". 

John Brightland

This entry was written by Dr. Astrid Buschmann-Göbels. 


I am currently working on John Brightland’s biography. Does anyone have information about his life etc. or any sources where to look these things up?


English attitudes towards Scotland?

Does anyone have information about English attitudes towards Scotland during the eighteenth century? Samuel Johnson despised Scotland, and I wonder if that was a wide-spread attitude.

Reminiscences of Boswell and Johnson

This entry was written by Lyda Fens.

When preparing to write my MA thesis on how the 18c American Benjamin Rush used epistolary formulas, I found that he had written

Reminiscences of Boswell & Johnson.

Apparently, "130 copies of this pamphlet … were made for Mr. & Mrs. Donald F. Hyde, of Somerville, New Jersey" in 1946. This Mrs Hyde is Mary, Viscountess Eccles. I’m very interested to see a copy of it. Since I’d rather not have to go all the way to Houghton Library at Harvard – where they may have it as part of the Donald and Mary Hyde Collection of Dr. Samuel Johnson – I’d like to know where I might be able to find one (possibly buy one?). I would very much appreciate your suggestions.

our weblog

Yesterday, our weblog was reviewed by Patrick Klaassen in a one-day ICT seminar in Louvain. Patrick’s paper was called "Bloggen in Leiden", and he analysed eight different Leiden weblogs. About ours he said that it was a good example of how a weblog can be integrated into a research project!

Relevant paper

This entry was written by Annegien Theunissen

The following is only of indirect interest, but I would like to draw your attention (especially for Victorina Gonzalez-Diaz’ research) to a paper given at the Amsterdam Colloquium (Semantics) by Petra Hendriks, Helen de Hoop, and Monique Lamers, called Asymmetries in Language Use Reveal Asymmetries in the Grammar. This paper can be read/downloaded from the colloquium website: via the link Proceedings, then click the right side of the line on the Proceedings.

A History of Shopping

For those of you who are busy doing your Christmas shopping why not have a look at Dorothy Davis’s book "A History of Shopping" (1966). Davis’s book also contains a chapter on shopping during the eighteenth century and provides interesting lists such as  "An Estimate of the Necessary Charge of a Family in the Middling Station of Life, consisting of a Man, his Wife, four Children and one Maidservant (The Station of Life of a Tradesman who sets up Business on £ 1,000, a Very Substantial Start in Life.)" (1966:209), and the weekly expenses of a saddler, who in 1775 "only earned 15 s. a week", his wife and his three children (1966:213).








Samuel Johnson

I recently came across an interesting website about Samuel Johnson (1709-1784). The Samuel Johnson Sound Bite Page claims to be "[t]he most comprehensive collection of Samuel Johnson quotations on the web". The site contains over 1,800 quotations from Johnson on various topics.