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How English as we know it is disappearing … to be replaced by ‘Panglish’

I have just stumbled across an interesting article, which is followed by even more interesting comments by readers! Shall we accept that language is changing or demand an academy?

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Richard M. Hogg Prize

The International Society for the Linguistics of English (ISLE) offers the Richard M. Hogg Prize to Ph.D. students and recent graduates for a paper on a topic in English language or English linguistics. The closing date for submissions is 31 March 2008. For details see the following website:

Call for Comics

You will probably have noticed that the Codifiers project members are keen on comics – check out the latest Fokke & Sukke contribution! We would therefore like to launch a call for comics that we can post on the weblog or create links to. All (English) language-related comics are welcome but in particular those that deal with letters, grammars, standardisation, and so forth!

Compulsory grammar lessons in English public school

The Education Guardian reports that the head of Brighton College, Richard Cairns, has introduced compulsory grammar lessons in his school as he had noticed the lack of grounding in spelling, punctuation and grammar. Most interestingly, the task of teaching the basics of grammar to the pupils has been allocated to classics rather than English teachers. Follow the link to read the article:,,1891979,00.html

Guest Lecture Professor Robert Darnton

On Wednesday 14 June, Professor Robert Darnton (Princeton University) will give a guest lecture at the University of Utrecht on the history of books and the connections between oral and printed means of communication. His lecture is entitled:  “Mlle  Bonafon and the Private Life of Louis XV: Communication Networks in 18th-Century France."   

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Oxygen – a play about Joseph Priestley and his scientific competitors

Details about the play Oxygen by Carl Djerassi and Roald Hoffmann can be found on the following website: Thanks to Christoph Roehrig for this information!

Seasonal Joke

What do you call Santa’s helpers?


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Letter writing in Late Modern English

I am currently systematically investigating self-corrections in Late Modern English letters. If you come across any examples of self-corrections, could you please let me know about this. Thanks a lot!