Joseph Priestley translated into German

One of the measures of the popularity of an eighteenth-century grammar is its translation into other languages. In my research on Joseph Priestley (1733-1804) I have not come across many translations of his works on language, but just the other day I found one I haven’t seen mentioned before. I happened upon the website European Cultural Heritage Online (ECHO), for which I have added a link in this post, and found a German translation of Priestley’s Course of Lectures on Oratory and Criticism (1777).

titlepage German translation Priestley's Lectures on Oratory and Criticism

Dr. Joseph Priestley’s Vorlesungen über Redekunst und Kritik was published by Schwickert in Leipzig in 1779, just two years after its original publication in England, in German blackletter typeface. It was translated by the German critic and literary historian Johann Joachim Eschenburg (1743-1820), who "is best known by his efforts to familiarize his countrymen with English literature" (‘Eschenburg, Johann Joachim’ Encyclopaedia Brittanica, 11th ed. vol.9).

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