Lowth’s grammars in ECCO II

The new version of ECCO is now readily accessible at the University of Leiden. It contains eleven (!) more editions of Lowth’s grammar, including … … three editions not previously listed in ECCO, a 6th and a 7th edition published in Belfast (pirated editions in other words) and a regular new edition published in 1765.

In addition, Google Books has now made available its first digitised edition of a grammar by Lowth, the 1794 reprint published in Basel by J.J. Tourneisen (who reprinted many English books). As the edition was published after Lowth’s death (1787), it is therefore not a regular edition. Whether the edition must be considered a pirated edition depends on the question of whether the copyright of the grammar had been extended after the first term expired in 1783 or not. For a discussion of this point, see Chapter 3 of my forthcoming book The Bishop’s Grammar (OUP, 2010).

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