Monthly Archives: September 2009

Robert Baker in ECCO

To my suprise, I found two additions this morning to the publications by Robert Baker listed in ECCO. Surprisingly, though, they don’t show up every time, but I can’t work out why this is.

Robert Baker is the author of Reflections on the English Language (1770, 2nd ed. 1779), and various other works in ECCO. His Reflections is the first … Read more »

How long does long s continue?

I have just found a cup which was produced on the occasion of the coronation of the Dutch Queen Wilhelmina. The text, "Kronings Feest 1898", contains a long s. Are there any differences in the retention of long s in English and Dutch? Jane Austen’s gravestone similarly still contains long s, which seems to me rather late, for English anyway.

Best student presentation

Lyda Fens-de Zeeuw, one of the PhD students of the Codifiers project, has won a prize “in recognition of the best student presentations delivered during the conference on Prescriptivism and Patriotism, Language Norms and Identities, from Nationalism to Globalization”, New College, University of Toronto, 17-19 August 2009. She won the prize for her paper called “Accent on Arrival: prescribing the communicability of professional immigrants in Canadian labour markets”, which she co-authored with Kori Allan from the University of Toronto.