Special lunchtime lecture: Pre-University College presentations

On the fourteenth of December a special edition of the Codifiers’ monthly lunchtime lectures took place. During this meeting the Pre-University College students who worked on research projects with members of the Codifiers’ project presented their results to each other, the project members and a number of invited guests.

The results were presented in English, making use of powerpoint presentations, in a setting, but also with a quality of research which made the meeting feel like a genuine mini-conference. The listeners were provided with fresh ideas on research topics from all corners of the project members’ expertise: Heidi Aho’s presentation was on descriptive elements concerning the strong verb in eighteenth-century grammars, Duygu Yilmaz and Suzan Enzerink presented an analysis of the letter-writing habits of Lindley Murray and the hazardous postal system in eighteenth-century England, and Sara van Goozen and Annemarie Rullens presented their case study on the progressive in Horace Walpole and his correspondents’ language in light of the Social Network Model.

The lunchtime lecture presentations provided a fitting finale to an inspiring project, both for the students ("there’s more to studying than just medicine and law!" one student said she had discovered) and for the researchers involved.


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