Fowler’s Modern English Usage

With a view to the paper I have been invited to give at the next Henry Sweet Society meeting (31 March 2008, the 150th anniversary of Henry Fowler’s birth), I should like to carry out a little questionnaire among the readers of this weblog. The idea is to report back during my paperon the replies you send me. And in any case: I’d be interested to know generally. By the way, the replies will be treated confidentially.

1. Do you own a copy of Fowler’s Modern English Usage? Which edition?

2. Do you ever use your Fowler?

a. how often did you consult the book during the past eleven months?

b. what did you consult it for?

c. did you find the information provided helpful?

3. If you have more than one edition, which of them do you prefer and why?

4. Are you a native speaker of English?

Please provide answers to these questions in the form of comments on this weblog entry.

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