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Monthly Lunch Meeting

On 28 September Fátima Faya-Cerquiero will present her paper "Who requests whom and how they do it: use of request markers in late modern English letters" from 12:00-13:00 in 1168 005. All welcome!


As the flow of emails that are still coming in daily tells us, the third Late Modern English conference, which was held here at Leiden a little while ago, turned out a very successful occasion. The plenaries, in my opinion, were brilliant, giving us a lot to think about, and the papers were all of an outstanding quality, including those presented as part of the two pre-conference workshops. A great conference indeed!

Sheffield was offered as the host for the next conference, in 2010. Sylvia Adamson has just been in touch with me, also on behalf of Joan Beal and Susan Fitzmaurice, to ask about what would be a good time of the year to have the conference, as August/September would unfortunately clash with ICEHL. Their suggestion, as a first option, would be moving 4LModE to the Spring of 2010, and they invite people’s opinions on this. What, if any are the drawbacks to this suggestion? They’d be happy to consider any other option that there is widespread support for (to end appropriately on a particle) (Sylvia speaking here).

Please either respond by commenting on this weblog entry below, or write to Sylva directly, at

3LModE Young Scholars Award

During the Third Late Modern English Conference, which was held in Leiden last week, Robin Straaijer (University of Leiden) was presented with the 3LModE – Young Scholars Award for his paper called "Towards a quantification of prescriptivism". While Robin received the trophy, he had to share the accompanying financial award with Svenja Kranich from the Free University of Berlin for her paper called "Interpretative progressives in Late Modern English".

Congratulations to both!