Readership of the British Library (1753-1836)

Anthony Lowth has just sent me a link to a document of a text which analyses the readership of the British Library (formerly British Museum) between 1753 and 1836. Among much other information the text informs us that "in 1759 there were 135 readers. There were 17 clerics, 19 doctors, and 18 who were reverend doctors making a total of 54. Of the 19 who were doctors only, at least eight were physisians or surgeons, and one, William Blackstone, was traced to a law professorship at Oxford. The other ten remain unknown. Many of the clerics achieved outstanding posts later in life. Charles Lyttleton, John Ross, John Douglas, Robert Lowth, and John Green became bishops, while the Bishop of Norwich was a reader in 1759 … (pp. 104-5)".

I wonder what Lowth would have been reading in the library of the British Museum in 1759.

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