Question about Alston

María Rodríguez-Gil and Nuria Yáñez-Bouza asked the following question: 

We are currently investigating Alston’s bibliographic studies on the 18thc and we thought you may be able to help us out.

We are interested in:

(a) Alston, R.C. (1963). A check-list of English grammars written in English 1582-1800.

and (b) Alston, R.C. (1967-70 + 1974). English linguistics 1500-1800 (a collection of facsimile reprints)

We have consulted the librarians at Manchester and at Leeds. At Manchester we no longer hold the Check-list, it seems to have gone missing, and only 160 facsimiles are held at the moment. From Leeds, unfortunately, we have had no reply at all.

It occurred to us that, since you’ve previously worked with Alston’s works, you may be able to answer our questions.

With regard to (a), the check-list: have you had the chance to consult this book before? If so, is it any different from Alston’s bibliography (1965)?

With regard to (b), do you happen to have, or to know of, a complete list of Alston’s facsimile reprints? If so, could you let us know how to access it?

All suggestions are welcome.

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  1. Karlijn Navest

    I have never seen the 1963 check-list of English grammars. I just checked and it turns out that it is not available in any university library in The Netherlands. Have you had a look at R.C. Alston’s website yet?

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