Learning Latin in eighteenth-century schools

In my search for the question of which grammar book Lowth might have learnt Latin from as a boy, I wrote to Winchester College Library. Lowth had been admitted to St. Mary College of Winchester (where he lived) in 1722, i.e. when he was about twelve. This college, according to his biographer Brian Hepworth, was "a boarding school devoted to training boys … for service to church and state" (1978:19). I had hoped to discover that Lowth would have used Lily’s grammar there, but Geoffrey Day,  Fellows’ Librarian at Winchester College, informed me that there is only one copy of this grammar in the library at the moment, which suggested to him that the grammar wasn’t used much. They do have many different editions of  book called Scholae Wintoniensis Phrases Latinae. The Latine Phrases of Winchester School (1654; 3rd, 1661; 4th, 1664; 5th, 1667; 6th, 1669; 7th, 1670; 8th, 1673; 9th, 1676; 10th, 1682; 11th, 1685).

Possibly, then, this suggests that Lily’s grammar was used at a more elementary level of teaching, at home perhaps? And that a book like the Phrases Latinae was used by more advanced students.

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