Dodley’s Select Fables of Esop (1761)

On 23 February 1761, Robert Dodsley published his Select Fables of Esop. This was a collection of fables by Aesop as well as contemporary writers, and Dodsley even invited several of his friends to write fables for his collection. One of these friends was Robert Lowth. Tierney, the editor of Dodsley’s letters, even suggests that the idea for the work came from Lowth. Be that as it may, Lowth ordered a number of copies, one for his son Thomas Henry who (he claims) was awaiting the book impatiently, and a number of others to hand round to the children of friends. He specifically orders "one neatly bound, [to be sent] in my Name … To Mrs. Galand at the Boarding School at Newington Butts". 

So far, I have not come across any references to this boarding school or to Mrs Galand in my studies of Lowth and his language, and any information relating to this school would be very welcome.

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  1. ingrid tieken

    There is a problem with this link though: Lowth asked for the Fables to be sent to Mrs Galand in Newington Butts in 1761, but he only became Bishop of London in 1777. So he must have known Horsley well before this time.

  2. Anita

    You can find a link between Robert Lowth and Newington Butts in the ODNB when you look up Samuel Horsley, who retained the rectory of Newington Butts from 1759 until 1793. Robert Lowth, the bishop of London, was Horsley’s patron. It would seem that Horsley was also in touch with Samuel Johnson and Joseph Priestley.

    There was a private school in Newington Butts that was kept by a Mr. Crawford some time during the 18th century (see Samuel Birch, George Gwilt, Warren Hastings and Joshua Watson in the ODNB) and the Newington Butts school by Mr. Forsyth (see John Poynder in the ODNB).

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