John Brightland

This entry was written by Dr. Astrid Buschmann-Göbels. 


I am currently working on John Brightland’s biography. Does anyone have information about his life etc. or any sources where to look these things up?


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  1. A. Buschmann-Göbels


    I think your book is what is known as the “Brightland-Grammar”, probably written by Charles Gildon and others in collaboration. Yes, I have read Ian Michael’s English Grammatical Categories. It is very useful and interesting to read. It should be used as a kind of handbook on English grammatical categories from the beginning up to 1800. Michael compares nearly all accessible grammars and looks at the aspects: (1) definition of grammar and (2) parts of speech. By doing this certain traditions and “communities” and dependencies become obvious. It is worth reading!

  2. G.W.Hunt

    I have a book of 171, which also has “The approbation of Isaac Bickerstaff. esq,.”
    opposite the title page.

    I am interested to know if there is a book , or a review of it?

    I wish to write an Essay on it, as a ‘First’ of the new form of dictiaries and grammars that began in th 18th century. Can you help? and are you interested in a discussion.

    Have you read I.Micheal’s English Grammatical Categories(CUP1970)If so what is in it?

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