For those of you who are interested in eighteenth-century egodocuments, please visit the following website.

This website also contains a reference to Arianne Baggerman and Rudolf Dekker’s book " Kind van de Toekomst. De wondere wereld van Otto van Eck (1780-1798)" (2005) (Child of the Future. The Wonderful World of Otto van Eck (1780-1798)) about the Dutch boy Otto van Eck, who kept a diary between 1791and 1797. Baggerman’s article "The Cultural Universe of a Dutch Child: Otto van Eck and his Literature" is also worth having a look at.


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  1. ingrid tieken

    Another collection of Dutch letters is published as part of the book Kikkertje Lief, by Perry Moree (2003). (See the website of the book.) The letters were written by an eighteenth-century Dutch woman, called Aagje Luijtse, who came from the isle of Texel, to her husband Harmanus Kikkert (hence the title, “dear little frog”!) who was a sailor in the Dutch East Indies Company and was often away for more than a year at a time. The correpondence is one-sided, as it only consists of the letters, twenty in all, written by Aagje. They are therefore the exact opposite to the correspondence between Robert Lowth and his wife Molly, for which I have only found Robert’s letters. Aagje’s letters are very lively and are very well written, which is outstanding, considering the fact that she can’t have had much formal education.

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