Daniel Fenning

I came across THIS interesting article on Daniel Fenning by Frances Austin. Apparently, the authorship of his New Grammar of the English Language, of which I happened to possess a copy of a later edition, is disputed, since he died in 1767, four years before the grammar came out.

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  1. Frans Wilhelm

    There is a “Dutch” edition of Fenning’s Universal Spelling-book which was published by L. Bennett of Rotterdam in 1793 (mentioned by Pieter Loonen (1991:308-309). Another/a second edition (partly mentioned by Loonen) came out in 1806, this time “revised, corrected and improved with additions by G[eorge] Ensell”. The publisher was J. Hendriksen, of the High Street in Rotterdam, who was known for publishing textbooks for schools. Ensell was a native speaker of English who wrote a Grammar of the English Language (1797)and probably owned a school in Rotterdam. The Rotterdam Municipal Library owns a magnificently illustrated copy of this other/second edition

  2. ingrid tieken

    According to Frans Wilhelm (2005)), _English in the Netherlands: A History of Foreign Language Teaching 1800-1920_, Fenning’s _Universal Spelling-book_ (1793) was adapted for use by Dutch learners in 1806.

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