I’m collecting titles of published correspondences for the collection in HSL/SHL. Additions are welcome, and will be always be acknowledged!

The full URL for the correspondences is:

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  1. sam

    Just came across this: “The letters of Dorothy Moore, 1612-64: the friendships, marriage, and intellectual life of a seventeenth-century woman”, ed. by Lynette Hunter, published by Ashgate in 2004. It’s in the Early Modern Englishwoman 1500-1750 series.
    I have not seen it, and can’t discover anything about editing principles on the net. But here’s a paragraph on its contents.

  2. ingrid tieken

    On this website there is an overview of the Le Fanu papers, which includes Betsy Sheridan’s letters as well as many other papers.

  3. Anni Sairio

    An excellent edition that I found some weeks ago is “Elizabeth Carter, 1717-1806: An edition of some unpublished letters”. Edited by Gwen Hampshire. Newark: University of Delaware Press. 2005. It consists of 111 letters and one brief note, dated from 1737 to 1804, none of which have been published in any previous edition.
    The original text is reproduced as closely as possible, punctuation, spelling, and capitalization are as in the originals, and errors and omissions not corrected. Common abbreviations are not expanded except in the case of Latin letters and proper names. The edition contains Carter’s correspondence with e.g. publisher Edward Cave.

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