guestlecture Wim Vandenbussche

Today will be the guestlecture by Wim Vandenbussche from the Free University of Brussels. It will be held from 12.15 – 13 hrs. in 1174 room 004. The topic of the lecture will be "Forgotten (?) Dutch in ego documents from nineteenth-century Flanders". All those interested are welcome.

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  2. Anni Sairio

    Hi! First of all, I’m not sure if this is the right place to leave a comment like mine, sorry if I’m trespassing. I just checked my LiveJournal e-mails after a long break, and found a message in my LJ from you at the VICI project (about a month back) wondering who I was :). Yep, it’s me! Sorry I didn’t react sooner, but I haven’t been checking my messages for ages, and I’m a lazy blogger with my one message and all. But this was a fun surprise (for you as well, I hope ;). How did you happen upon my LJ? Whodunit? Best, Anni

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